{Your $30k+ clients} The Science, Psychology and Philosophy of Attracting ELITE CLIENTS

If you have a coaching, consulting or healing practice and you know what you offer is valuable yet when it come’s to creating an ELITE program you feel like you’re in your head or you might hear the response from your perspective clients that they don’t have the money. Or maybe you don’t feel 100% confident yet because you have no idea how to create, sell, or market your ELITE program.

In this post I want to share with you the science, psychology, and philosophy of attracting elite clients in your coaching, consulting business or practice. If you told me years ago that I was going to charge $30,000 and more for my elite programs I never thought it was possible until I discovered the deeper meaning of what it really takes to create an elite program, charge and actually receive it.

Part of why I love working with ELITE CLIENTS is when you charge a premium your clients are more invested therefore the results are better! My highest-level program is called: La Dolce Vita: The Formula for Fabulous Living.™ This is where I show my clients how to be an influencer in their business, create online visibility, live the lifestyle they desire- like traveling all around the world, hosting small private events and building a business online that gives them true freedom!

IMAGINE, running your online consulting, coaching, or healing practice where you are enjoying your life and business you have created.

How would that change your life?

The possibilities are LIMITLESS for you!

One of my ELITE La Dolce Vita Clients is going to sell her business for a HUGE price tag and she’s positioning herself for the ultimate FREEDOM and lifestyle that she had been wanting for some time. Before she came to me she was so caught up in the details and didn’t have the structure or strategy in place, not to mention her mind was all over the place.

This wouldn’t have been possible if she didn’t upgrade her level of how she was showing up and her mindset and business.

First let’s talk about how you CAN attract ELITE clients and get paid what you’re worth. It starts with your BELIEFS.

You become what you think about.

Your most dominant thought runs the show.

Emerson’s essay on Circles talks about belief systems and how they are formed. He states that “The key to every man is his thought” –which means what you PERCEIVE is what you believe. In his essay he also talks about how new paradigms and beliefs are formed. This is important for you to know and realize because it will help you to see that if ONE person(s) is charging $30k or more and getting it for their ELITE programs than you can do it too!

Think about it this way….

Have you noticed now more than ever when you log on to your Facebook that you’ll see many ads about making 6 figures or more? A few years back the marketing messages were different and because coaches and consultants started seeing that this WAS possible and that there IS a strategy it seems more doable than ever. That’s great news for you too! However, it takes DRIVE, DETERMINATION, and seeing yourself as a leader and influencer. You also have to be able to jump over any hurdle that comes your way. The more MONEY you make you'll find different levels of challenges. The thing about overcoming these challenges is that you show up differently and people take notice. Also, you must have a BRAND that sets you apart and what I mean by that is being authentic to who YOU are and not trying to be like anyone else.

Even Elon Musk who is working on colonizing Mars had a radical idea that would have been banned centuries ago.

Think about it… “Each leader or influencer that births NEW ideas you’ll see paradigms shifting for global consciousness”

This allows you to see what the possibilities that are out there for you and your TRUE POTENTIAL.

This is why I love working with people that see themselves as leaders and influencers in the world.

I have what I call my La Dolce Vita Philosophy, which is taken from some of the most influential philosophers and leaders of our time and I teach my ELITE clients this so that they are not only making more money but are creating a global impact. I am kinda of a geek because I love knowledge and applying it in the real world that is PROVEN to work. I am constantly studying different industries and thought leaders to tap into this stream of consciousness and in turn help my clients to win… BIG TIME! Selling their businesses Creating BIG deals

Thinking outside of the box Unleashing their MILLION DOLLAR ideas

Aristotle’s would say that what we SEE in others is what we also have within us.

What does this mean to you and how does it apply to attracting ELITE clients?

If you see yourself as an ELITE entrepreneur you will start making decisions from this place and feel confident in the way you present your offers. It’s not complicated yet so many entrepreneurs get in their own way because they don’t understand that these PROVEN SUCCESS PRINCIPLES are the biggest things that will change the way you do business and how YOU show up.

For example, when I was deeply discounting my programs I found I was also attracting clients that were a mismatch. They would complain and not implement anything. I was literally about to pull my hair out until I realized that the common dominator for me in attracting these kinds of clients was ME. I wasn’t valuing my expertise that I knew worked in creating six and seven figure businesses. Therefore, I would take on these types of energy draining clients that wanted me to quit.

Have you ever felt that way?

If so, trust me I know EXACTLY how you feel and I am here to change the way you THINK and ACT about your own business. I know you have it in you to DO MORE, HAVE MORE, and BE MORE in this world.

If you look at science we know that are brain acts as an electrical device. Our thoughts produce a frequency; which can create DISEASE in the body and conversely also give us the ability to see ourselves as ATTRACTING and designing what we desire.

The human brain is composed of about 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) interconnected by trillions of connections, called synapses. On average, each connection transmits about one signal per second. Some specialized connections send up to 1,000 signals per second. “Somehow… that’s producing thought,” says Charles Jennings, director of neurotechnology at the MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research.

How would you like to change the way your brain OPERATES so that you would feel more confident?

I liken it to upgrading the software in your mind just like you would on your computer so it runs efficiently, it debugs the doubt, and increases your capacity for doing EXTRAORDINARY things.

You see a big part of what I do is help people upgrade their mindset so that they SEE themselves as so much more. Most entrepreneurs that are not living up to their highest potential are not understanding that the SECRET to upleveling starts with YOU!

The STRATEGY is the second piece.

One you master who you are you can charge $30k or MORE.

This is way beyond doing a bunch of affirmations. What I am speaking about is taking your brain and reprogramming it to ATTRACT ELITE clients and LIVE a fabulous life.

I can teach you marketing funnels but if your mind is NOT aligned for ELITE clients then you won’t ATTRACT them.


It took me 7 months until my mind was aligned to finally ASK for the $30k sale. I could have done it sooner but the problem was this…. I wasn’t being 100% aligned with feeling I could ASK and RECEIVE it.

Funny how we get in our own way..right?

You typically know if this is an issue for you if you keep attracting the broke clients or clients that are just simply and energy drain to work with or more situations that seem to be setbacks instead of launching your business further ahead.

Also, I started ATTRACTING clients WHO I really wanted to work with and created the BRAND and STRATEGY to get me there...because I knew this formula I now share it with my ELITE clients as well.

So why do you keep attracting clients that are NOT a match and pay so little or not at all?

There are a few reasons why….

You don’t have a STRONG offer

You don’t know how to create an ELITE program You don’t feel CONFIDENT in asking for the sale, whether it be $5k, $10k, $30k or more

You don’t have proper coaching with someone that has done it and can show you how! –This means stop focusing on freebies and start working with someone that can ACCELERATE you!

You refuse to invest more in your business because you think you can do it on your own. The truth is, I don’t know ANYONE that has done this WITHOUT mentoring or coaching. Even if you invested thousands before like I did and didn’t get any where -there are reasons why things didn’t work out. You have to let go of that and focus on a SOLUTION. You tell yourself a story that you don’t have the money or it’s not the right time. Truth be told you FIND money and time for what you VALUE. Read that again!

In order for you to STEP up to the level of FREEDOM you want in your LIFE and business you have to be willing to UPGRADE your mind, your brand, and have the RIGHT strategy.

You have to work on upgrading yourself and your business EVERY single day. This means having a mindful routine where you start SEEING the evidence of your dream unfolding. I have a powerful process that I only teach my ELITE clients that helps them to stand on the shoulders of giants instead of in the shadows. You have what it takes! You CAN do this!

You are here to LIVE a FABULOUS life and give back in a BIG way.

Let me know your thoughts. Please comment below and share this post.

P.S. If you’re tired of being a follower and want to be a LEADER and INFLUENCER attracting ELITE clients let me know! www.meetme.so/HeatherPicken

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