Why counting your chickens BEFORE they hatch will actually help you ATTRACT more clients and cash fl

There’s an old English Proverb that you probably had heard before that goes something like this…

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!”

If you’re an entrepreneur you would interpret it like this

“Don’t CELEBRATE until you have SEALED the DEAL”

I actually have a radically different viewpoint on this that I know from personal experience and the clients that I work with that use this process by first AFFIRMING their success are able to RECEIVE it.

Today I want to challenge this proverb in helping you to REWIRE your brain and align yourself with more success even BEFORE you physically see anything hit your bank account. Yes, you heard that right!

In this post I will share with you how your mind is the CATALYST for cash, clients, and clarity in creating your BIG MISSION and purpose.

There are 3 key things that will change the way you operate in your business on a daily basis that you must know in order to let go of doubting yourself and your abilities to grow your amazing business.

Let’s dive into this and I encourage you to open your mind to explore the infinite possibilities.

1. Change Your Paradigm

What is a paradigm and why is this important for you to know in your business?

As defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary a paradigm is

a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about

We adopt this model into our reality based on a combination of worldviews and influencers that are closest to you in your life from the time you were a child to this very moment.

It can be a dangerous place to adopt a broke paradigm that entangles your mind and emotions. As things get harder for you so does your current paradigm because you tend to lock into a belief system that is unshakable that goes something like this…

No matter what I do I can’t seem to go to the next level!

Every time I take 2 steps forward I get thrown back 10 more

Things are changing so fast I just can’t keep up with my marketing efforts, lead generation, and attract and convert more clients.

I have to work hard in order to get ahead!

I remember years ago listening to an audio program I was by Tony Robbins and he said, “You must change your paradigm in your business if you want to be successful.” Part of what he was speaking about is how you run your business, which could also include your marketing, your message, and how you operate on a daily basis. He was also speaking about the ability to break free from what everyone else was thinking, believing and doing and being able to birth new ideas into the marketplace.

This means you have to be willing to CHANGE.

As I thought about this over the years it became self evident that I couldn’t be rigid in my thinking and what I believed no matter what was happening on the outside.

We live in a world that tells us our outer reality runs the show and that we need to make decisions based on that, and in my opinion nothing could be further from the truth.

I thought if I just worked hard and busted my butt things would happen. I would align myself with more clients than I knew what to do with and opportunities would flow.

I would work myself to the bone and guess what happened….


In fact, things got worse because I was buying into the old paradigm that no longer worked, at least for me!

Don't get me wrong; you have to put in the time and effort in order to master your success. However, after working with clients all over the world I know that the paradigm of suffering, working yourself to the bone, and not expecting success is completely off and needs to change. That is why I want to share with you the next key to counting your chickens BEFORE they hatch to help you ATTRACT more clients and cash flow!

2. Your Unconscious Beliefs Control Your Cash Flow

I can share countless stories of the POWER your unconscious mind and how you can create a winning formula that will help you to win. If you watched the recent Olympics or read about it, Joseph Schooling, won the gold and beat Michael Phelps. He met Phelps when he was 13 years old and wanted to be just like him. He studied and practiced with that INTENTION and energy in mind. I even read somewhere that Schooling posted up the times on his wall that he needed to beat Phelps.

Even if you don’t plan on being in the Olympics, my point is this-in order to have a winning mindset you must have the right FORMULA that will help you get through anything in your business so that you CAN attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Even when you feel defeated in your mind, that’s an even bigger signal that you haven’t mastered the art of your inner game to success.

I’ve interviewed over 100 wildly successful Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires and it’s the same across the board when it comes to unconscious beliefs and how they create success.

You have to be willing to change your any self -limiting belief in order to align yourself to success. Right now there is a MILLION DOLLAR idea inside of you and yet most entrepreneurs and business owners will discount their ideas, take on the energy of the naysayers and never go for it!

They look to see what is in their bank account and will make decisions based on that. They know they need to INVEST in their inspiration or get extra help but they allow themselves to fall into the trap that goes something like this…

Once I __________________then I will _________________

Every successful person that I’ve encountered no matter what area of life has said the SAME thing to me, which sounds like a broken record yet it is the ONE THING that keeps holding you back and it’s this….

Your thoughts create your beliefs

If you BELIEVE in your success, then you will find a way

There have been variations of this but I know you can understand what I’m saying.

Tony Robbins says “Success Leaves Clues”

This means do what other successful people do and you will be successful. I want to take this a step further because there also needs to be some clarification and personalization which leads me to the last key I want to share with you.

3. Finding The Formula For Powerful Client Attraction

There is an amazing power locked up inside of you just waiting to be unleashed!

The question for you is this…

Are you READY to finally step into your TRUE POWER and POTENTIAL?

Part of the formula is creating a daily practice that you follow every single day and when you do you allow your unconscious mind to create solutions to your biggest issues in your business and attract more cash flow and clients to you.

This formula is fingerprint specific and unique to you. When I work with clients I go deep into their unconscious patterns that have been holding them back and I show them how to create a daily practice that allows them to align their success

on a deeper level. I use a combination of science and philosophy to create huge BREAKTHROUGHS. Once they do this I find the success they have is off the charts.

Once we have this in place we create a business foundation that allows them to operate authentically then focus on the marketing.

I remember one session I had with a client, after 24 hours of just focusing on this piece first and even BEFORE the marketing plan, she landed one of her biggest clients! Are these results typical? Well I’d like to think that anything and everything is possible!

The problem is most people like to tell themselves a story as to why they can’t be successful. They take on the old paradigms and unconscious beliefs that are wasting their valuable energy and as a result they are not getting the results they want.

You know the saying…

If you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result that’s called INSANITY.

Here’s my challenge and inspiration to you….

STOP thinking there’s something wrong with you

STOP paying attention to what others say can’t be done

BELIEVE in your INFINITE power to have a business that generates the success you want.

BELIEVE it first in your mind instead of waiting for chickens to hatch.

Hatch the chickens in your mind as if it were a client that says to you…

“I am ready!”

Are you with me?

Do me a favor…

Please share this message with someone that needs to hear it today!

And tell me where you are stuck right now because being stuck is a choice that starts with your mind. Once you align your mind to your vision there’s no stopping you.

My mission is clear and I’m here to help MILLIONS of EXTRAORDINARY entrepreneurs to never give up on themselves, to stay true to the reason why they started their business. You’re here to live a FABULOUS life and that starts with the SEED of your thoughts in your mind and the FORMULA that is unique to you is creating a daily practice of seeing and BELIEVING in your vision.

Let’s get to hatching and mind hacking and watch it flow!

Here’s to living the La Dolce Vita way and finding the formula for fabulous living!

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