How working with BROKE clients nearly made me broke and how I quickly fixed that mindset before it c

My dream was always to create a business that I could do anywhere in the world. I had no idea HOW I would get there but my VISION was clear.

As I gained momentum, I’ve learned many painful lessons on the way that has everything to do with ATTRACTING high-end clients and building a business.

I want to share my lessons with you on ONLY working with clients that you are aligned with and I know this will help you. Years ago I was in the place of desperately needing money while growing my business. I would attract clients however all of them were broke. I was discounting my prices, and just taking on anyone because I was coming from the place of need. To make matters worse, they could barely pay. I would deliver my services worth MILLIONS of dollars and they would come up with an excuse as to why they couldn’t pay me.

This became a pattern and I was sick of it!

As I was working with these clients I noticed how I felt resentful because I had the wisdom and strategies to show others how to generate 6-7 figures in their business. Since I was coming from a place of discounting and not standing in my TRUE POWER and my TRUE WEALTH POTENTIAL these clients were also a pain to work with. They started complaining because it was too hard. I would often say to myself “Too hard? You have to put the time in to reap the rewards and skill up if you want to charge a premium for your services…And I know what I teach works!”

Then one by one they all disappeared. I was scared and went into what I call “My freakout place.”

Have you ever freaked out and worried about money? It can make you sick to your stomach and play mind tricks that will debilitate you from taking any action.

In that moment, I had no idea how I would not only attract more clients but attract clients that would actually pay my rates.

It was TIME for a MASSIVE change!

I was ready to OWN my POWER I was ready to step into my TRUE WEALTH

And I was finally tired of attracting these kinds of clients into my business once and for all.

In this post, I want to share with you how taking on broke clients will no only decrease the value of your business but I will show you what you need to do in order to attract PREMIUM clients that PAY. It’s a wake up call that I feel is necessary for you in order to go to the next level.

I know how scary it can be but trust me you’ll look back at this situation with a new view on MONEY and CLIENTS that will change the way you easily attract money and double, even triple your revenues in the fastest way possible.

You are here to do EXTRAORDINARY things and your focus needs not only to be on winning but, winning BIG!

I’m so excited to share this with you because I know you might be feeling alone on this issue, and trust me you’re not.

You are right where you need to be, so take a deep breath! I want you to really hear and feel my words to know that your situation is temporary and that you can CHANGE the point of High End Client Attraction by simply following what I call “The Formula For FABULOUS cash Flow”

I want to really STRETCH you so let’s dive into this.

Out of this formula came a set of rules that I teach my high end clients as well. I am firm on these rules because this is how you will create your $100k+ business quickly and authentically.

The Formula For FABULOUS cash Flow”

Rule 1. Allow Yourself to be Rejected With The No’s Until You Get a YES. I know that might sound crazy but think about the emotional freedom you will have knowing that you are FOCUSING on ONLY what you want. One of the things I did when I would speak to someone and said my prices I mentally and physically would stand firm in my mind about them. I allowed myself to hear the no’s and to realize that this was part of the process. Then I imagined the words tattooed in my mind “NEXT!” I am nexting (Is that word?-Who cares because I am claiming it!) this person because I know SOMEONE will say YES!

What this did was allow myself to upgrade my level of inner knowing that I would attract the perfect high paying client and the level of confidence that I had was so focused that my fear didn’t override me. Once I did that in 7 days I was able to seal the deal on a high ticket program. I was beyond belief because I just was claiming what I thought should be mine and didn’t want to settle.

It’s kind of like a relationship. If you are in a good relationship that tells me, that you didn’t settle and you know you're worth it!

So why would you do it in your business? It’s no different. Take a stand for you and COMMAND your WORTH!

When you take a stand your CONFIDENCE is upgraded.

Your confidence is the gateway to creating cash flow!

Confidence creates an inner knowing that somehow someway you will ATTRACT it. This also means taking INSPIRED action too. Don't think you can just sit there and WISH for things to get better as you have to create the inertia to connect to your CASH FLOW.

Rule 2. Mastering The Art of the High End Sale

I have to admit this was a tough one for me because I hated selling, I didn’t have any training on it and therefore it felt awkward.

I knew in order to get to the next level that I had to let go of my fear and have a process that allowed me to step up. As soon as I had a process that showed people the value of what I was offering it felt like MAGIC. I no longer had to come from a place of hard selling which feels like crap. I was coming from a place of empowerment because I was also focusing on the transformation of my services and how I am changing lives. I am helping these clients to generate money and clients beyond their wildest dreams. I started getting excited with each call that I took and how I could transform that person’s life on the other end of the phone.

Rule 3 Creating The Outcome First!

This is where it gets tricky for entrepreneurs. Anytime you say that you NEED MONEY and then operate from lack you start diminishing your TRUE POWER. This was a huge block for me because money had always been an issue for me. I felt like I was chasing it, feeling exhausted, and not knowing if I would ever be successful. Until I started hard wiring the mental state I kept attracting the same crappy clients that either tried to get out of paying me or were just complete broke.

I went back to the foundation of what I knew deep inside of my soul that I knew would work, at that was aligning my mind to my vision. The Greeks called it the “TELOS,” meaning the end in mind. As human beings we are always seeking fulfillment and we do things on a daily basis that demonstrate that. In this case you are focusing on creating the lifestyle and business as if you already have it.

The UNIVERSE is always trying to make you the MOST authentic in your life and your business is no different.

One of my mentors says this, which I love… “Although you seek people that support you in your values, you attract people that challenge you to make you grow.”

What that means for you in your business is this…

The BROKE clients that you are attracting right now in this moment are hitting you over the head so that you CAN awaken and activate…





You can LEAVE your mark on this planet and create an IMPACT

You have everything it takes to ATTRACT high end FABULOUS clients that will PAY you ---->YES!

I love helping transformational leaders; authors, coaches and consultants find their own formula for fabulous cash flow.

If you’re tired of broke clients telling you they don’t have the money, I get it!

Now it’s time to go out there and market in a way that will start ATTRACTING the clients you love.

Let me know if you’re finally ready to step into an entirely different business and life. Need an upgrade to FABULOUS?

Drop a comment in this post or email me and let’s make it happen!

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