How Alexandria went from struggling to get clients to booked solid using this one simple mindset shi

How Alexandria went from struggling to get clients to being booked solid, using this one SIMPLE MINDSET shift….

Let’s face it in order to create a 6 or 7 figure business you need to ATTRACT high paying clients- especially if you want to get there in the FASTEST way possible. You might have had some success with clients but it’s just not cutting it. And you also might be feeling burnt out which kills your mojo and creativity.

You desperately want to build a business that brings you excitement and the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want instead of pulling your hair out and second guessing your business and marketing strategy ….spending hours thinking you have to work yourself to the bone. This becomes a job and not the VISION you had in mind for running and creating your business.

Having the right marketing plan is important but what I’ve noticed after working with hundreds of coaches, consultants, and transformational leaders is that no matter how great your marketing plan is your mind will always determine how much money is FLOWING or GOING from your bank account.

You might be at a point of second guessing your business that goes something like this, “Should I really be doing this?”

Or maybe you’re thinking “I am so overwhelmed.. I don’t know what marketing strategy will really work to ATTRACT and CONVERT high paying clients!”

In this post I will share with you a recent example of how Alexandria was able to break free from years of doubt, despair, and drowning in debt to becoming a CLIENT ATTRACTION MANIFESTING MACHINE -which turned her business around and reactivating her INSPIRED mission and purpose. This simple MINDSET shift will help you unlock your own WEALTH potential in your business no matter what has happened to you or the stage of business.

When you do this here’s what will happen…

You’re no longer worrying about scrambling to ATTRACT clients because they are easily drawn to you!

You’re able to get clients to pay your premium prices instead of discounting or people saying NO or I don’t have the money.

You feel that the first time in your life you’re finally CONFIDENT with your business and brand and now READY to be in the place of RECEIVING!

You have more FREE time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is the best part of truly being an entrepreneur and you’re thankful that you didn’t give up on your dream or YOU!

Ideas and creativity are flowing like a river with endless possibilities in taking your business to the next level!

This means more money in your pocket and creating a bigger IMPACT in the world with your work! CHA CHING!

I want to walk you through the process that I recently took Alexandria through that allowed her to INSTANTLY shift, ATTRACT premium clients, and feel INSPIRED with her business again.

Before we go into the process I have to share what was going on in her mind; which was robbing her from having money FLOW in her bank account. This happens to most entrepreneurs and it’s the difference that keeps them stuck at making what I call a “Get by life,” to one that is “ON FIRE” and FABULOUS!

So, if you’re READY to get to the $100k+ or more THIS YEAR then this is something that you’ll want to devour and do right away.


If for any reason you are doubting, devaluing, or comparing yourself to anyone then this will negatively impact your ability to MANIFEST and ATTRACT your perfectly high paying clients.

This literally STOPS you from reaching your highest potential for high reoccurring income. It pushes you further away from hitting and staying at the 6-7-figure zone in your business and you keep attracting those pain in the butt clients that demand discounts or don’t value YOU!


When I asked Alexandria about her beliefs there was a strong sense of doubt in her voice. When you start doubting yourself in your business because you’ve hit a dry spell it starts playing with your entire business VISION.

You start second-guessing everything and STOP trusting yourself to make POWERFUL decisions that CAN create PROSPERITY beyond your wildest dreams.

The energy of your doubt puts out a vibe that people will pick up in your marketing message. It could be in the form of an email, post, or on the phone with a prospective client.


The other thing I noticed when speaking with Alexandria was that she was devaluing her services by deeply discounting her prices. YIKES!

Have you ever taken on a client for a quick sale that you deeply discounted only to regret the decision later?

When you don’t value yourself, the world won’t value you.

You might want to READ that sentence again, because it’s one of the most important keys to your success that you must not only understand but also be able to hold firmly in your mind and how you operate in your business.

This is a pattern that locks into a belief system that spreads like a cancer.

When you get into this pattern here’s what happens…

You can’t ATTRACT HIGH END CLIENTS and allow MONEY to flow into your bank account because the belief you are holding on to is one that says “I’m not worth it WORLD!”

Think of it as a mirror.

You look into the mirror you see your image back.

When you devalue yourself in your business you’ll receive at the SAME level, hence the mirror effect.


Let’s talk about the last CASH FLOW KILLER and that’s comparison. I know what you’re thinking because everyone I’ve ever mentored has done it and that’s comparison. It’s one of the deadliest traps I’ve seen that can kill not only your confidence, but your ability to truly create something that is unique and authentic in your business and brand.

You put yourself in a cookie-cutter marketing plan instead of embracing your own uniqueness because you feel if XYZ is doing it then so should I.

Your creativity is lost and you feel uninspired and you feel like you’re just living each day doing the best you can in your business. You start seeing your confidence shrinking along with your business and bank account too!

You find yourself saying the following…

“I NEED more clients!”

“I NEED more MONEY!”

“I am so SICK of being STUCK and I know I am so much better than this!”

To make matters worse you go on to Facebook and see others having MASSIVE success. You begin to compare yourself to others and therefore minimize your greatness and potential for the reason why you do what you do.

“I’m so much better than XYZ!..why are they having all of the success?”

You’ve hit another SLUMP and here goes the downward spiral…

Your family and friends see that you are floundering and start injecting their own 2 cents about why you should stop throwing your money away on your business and start playing safer.

It triggers you because you start second guessing your business, the path that you are on and is the market place just too saturated for me to really make serious money and live a FABULOUS life!

This leads to all-time burn out and second-guessing your mission and what you’re called to do. When this happens you feel uninspired and can’t even get yourself to stay on top of your marketing, strategy sessions, and truly ask for what you’re worth because your afraid.

MONEY can rule your mind and leave you feeling disconnected from your MISSION and IMPACT that you want truly want to create in the world.

"MONEY can also EMPOWER you to give you the FREEDOM in designing your life that feels fulfilling"

You might think you need to tweak your FB ads and create a better marketing funnel and although these things are important it’s not going to help you ultimately ATTRACT and MANIFEST your Perfectly High Paying Clients. {Every single time, while TRUSTING the process!}

Henry Ford said:

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

You see your mind and what you believe is true indicator that will dictate your destiny.

So the question is how can you banish these 3 CASH KILLERS from stealing your business and start attracting amazing high-end clients that easily want to work with you and pay your premium fees?

What if I told you that you already have the WEALTH right here, RIGHT NOW that you seek but it’s really in a different form.

You might say but “Heather I want it in the CASH form!”

I get that but you can’t align yourself to the CASH form until you understand these critical points..

Aristole said anything we perceive as missing through our senses he called it a void. Our voids determine our values in what is most important to us. Axiology, is the study of values and worth and everyone lives their life according to their top 3 values.

Your values DETERMINE your DESTINY

This is why many entrepreneurs STRUGGLE, because they are beating themselves up mentally and not recognizing the WEALTH form they already have. Once you realize that your wealth is in a different form according to your highest values you can MANIFEST it in the CASH FORM. This means instead of struggling you are aligned and now attracting your high-end clients.

So how did Alexandria go from struggling to being booked solid with clients?

First let me give you a snapshot into what was going on for her..

She told me that her father said she had never been successful in her life!

This set off a big TRIGGER bomb in her mind reaffirming her doubt and disbelief. Can you IMAGINE having someone that is supposed to be on your side basically discount your own worth and dream?

It feels awful and that’s when she started minimizing herself. She had been stuck in a holding pattern because she was beating herself by injecting the values of her father.

Even Einstein said the problem with society is that we live in a world that tries to inject the social idealisms of how our life should look. So the father was a classic example of putting her down because her form of wealth currently was not in the CASH form.

You see, she was comparing herself to her father who had a high value on saving, wealth building and who worked in the financial industry for years. He didn’t see her value and wealth form that she brought to the world with her gift of transforming people’s lives using her health and fitness system.

Alexandria said with a sense of sadness in her voice, “Heather, I’ve never been successful, I’ve struggled all my life with money. Everyone in my family has been successful but me!”

I told her that’s just not true and that she actually has the success and wealth it’s just in another form.

We started going through the process of finding her wealth form. We dug deep in every area of her life and by the time we were done she said. “Heather this is the best session I’ve ever had with anyone!”

I could tell she shifted INSTANTLY by the level of confidence in that was in her voice.

This is where the MAGIC happened….

She AWAKENED and ACTIVATED her level of genius and wealth!

She finally OWNED her true power and stopped doubting, devaluing, and comparing herself to others in measuring her worth and success.


2 weeks later when I spoke to her, she was ON FIRE!

She could hardly believe what transpired in her business. Here she was stuck for years in her business at the age of 42 and after that one SIMPLE MINDSET shift everything changed. She was excited to share with me that she was booked solid with PAYING clients.

Keep in mind; we didn’t even go over the marketing strategy, as this was the first thing I knew I had to address to ensure that she could get a BREAKTHROUGH. It was the SECRET for unlocking her own wealth so that she could attract high-end clients quickly.

Here’s what you REALLY need to know when ATTRACTING and CONVERTING high end clients…

Forget your funnels and marketing plan and FOCUS on really owning your own power and wealth first. Most people do it the other way around and get very little money momentum.

I’m here to be CATALYST for entrepreneurs in helping them to live what I call La Dolce Vita, which is, simply means FINDING the FORMULA for FABULOUS living.

This means waking up every day and feeling ALIGNED, INSPIRED, and ALLOWING money to flow to you because you’re doing the inner work necessary to make things happen.

If you’ve tried all the traditional ways of marketing and nothing is sticking and your STUCK..realize that you’re not stepping into your TRUE potential. You don’t have to be stuck, it’s really about EMPOWERING yourself with the right mental tools, having the right marketing plan, and guidance to get you there in the FASTEST way possible.

You’re ONE step away from attracting high-end clients that can pay you and start living what I call “La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living!” This means creating a business that feels EXCITING because you are in control of your destiny.

I’m curious to see how you can confidently shift by understanding your CASH KILLERS and realizing that RIGHT NOW in this moment you already have the wealth. Once you do this exercise correctly it will TRANSFORM into CASH form.

Please comment below if you would like a copy of my spreadsheet for creating this simple mindset shift for you and I’m also creating a video with it that will explain how to use it.

Lets get you MANIFESTING and ATTRACTING your perfectly high paying clients.

Just put your comment here or email me at and I will personally send you a copy.

My goal for people here is to start making some serious money with your mission and stop holding back.

There’s no reason why you can’t do this!

I’m here to help!

Here’s to living the La Dolce Vita way and finding the formula for fabulous living!



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