How would you like to find your BIG IDEA and give yourself permission to play on a BIGGER SCALE?

Years ago I asked myself this same question.

"How can I do what I love and create an impact in the world?"

When you ask EMPOWERING questions you will find the answers.


That answer came to me as I started investing in my inspiration through finding mentors that were inspiring and life-changing.  I realized the more I valued and invested in myself the more opportunities I started to align with that helped me to create Fierce Femme Wines- A Woman's Wine Inspired to Create a Dialog for Change. 



My mission is to empower fearless female visionary coaches & high level consultants just like you using neuroscience. 


If you see yourself as a fearless female visionary in your industry then realize that highly successful women think and act differently...

This can only happen with the right vision, mindset, and strategy.  It also takes someone that has the ability to inspire you to reach your highest potential. The main focus when working with clients is cutting edge neuroscience on how to find your big idea, take action, and align yourself with outrageous opportunities. 

Are you ready to be FEARLESS?

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