March 29, 2018

Do you have a clear vision for your business?

If you're not are you attracting chaos or the lack of clients?

When you get clear the clients appear. 

In this video, I talk about the  power of creating a clear vision for your business in attracting clients.

Client case s...

March 27, 2018

I've always found the Universe to be an exciting mystery.

Have you ever thought of yourself wanting to put something out there in the world that is bigger than you?

If so you'll need to change the way that you think.

Watch this episode and let me know what you think!


March 22, 2018

Do you feel stuck in a rut in your business and life?

Do you hate your business?

Are you questioning yourself as a female entrepreneur? 

The secret is learning how to let go and align yourself with infinite possibilities and potential.  You have to move your body so you c...

March 22, 2018

Are you following your deepest desires?

If you're not you it's only because you have fears that you need to breakthrough. I love this conversation about being a trailblazer and staying true to who you are. 

Raana Zia is a corporate finance executive turned spiritual, sel...

March 22, 2018

Looking to connect to your true purpose? 

Learn how to get aligned and get out of your way with my next guest shares his formula for being happy and finding your purpose.

From creating the first-ever voice box for the Chatty Cathy doll in 1959, to supervising the mechani...

March 15, 2018

Check it out I created a short video about taking time out, gathering Thought Leader ideas, and a sneak peek of my the NEW La Dolce Vita Studio.

Looking to get INSPIRED, get Clear on your Vision, and uplevel your business?

Message me on my site or Click here

March 6, 2018

Looking to get your services and programs out there in the world?

You've made some money but you'll looking to hit $100k + 

Need someone that can show you exactly what to do?

Are you feeling like you're in your own way and keep feeling stuck no matter what you do? 


March 2, 2018

Once I invested in my business and found a mentor I was able to double my revenues in 6 months. I started attracting opportunities to me that I never felt were possible before. 

Most importantly I got out of my own way!

Grab a copy of my latest book: The La Dolce Vita...

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