February 26, 2017

I know if you're a a single woman and worrying if you'll ever meet your ideal mate?
The truth is you CAN.

If you're in the WRONG relationship or don't attract the right men when dating then there's a reason why.

There's a FORMULA for ATTRACTING real romance and my guest,...

February 20, 2017

The other day I was interviewed on Taking Back Your Life -Business Takeover with host Klarque Garrison. What a great time I had and I enjoyed Klarque's interview style as went deep.

Here's what I talked about:

How to become a Global Influencer 

How to stand out in the...

February 10, 2017

There is a formula for tripling and quadrupling your revenues in your business!

My guest Cozette White shows women entrepreneurs how to understand their numbers and metrics in their business so that they can go to the next level of tripling even quadrupling their revenu...

February 10, 2017

What a FABULOUS interview about understanding the science and psychology of creating a powerful presence in your business or on stage. 

I love this conversation because we hit upon key strategies on owning your true power and potential when commanding your presence.  


February 8, 2017

If you want to Breakthrough Your Revenue in your business you need to have a High-End Service. It’s the fastest path to getting you there and it allows you to have more freedom and flexibility in your business and life which is the La Dolce Vita way, and means the swee...

February 3, 2017

Are you listening to the inner nudges that are calling you to do so much more in your business and life? If not then I encourage you to watch the this episode of La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living. I help women entrepreneurs and females to OWN their POWER a...

February 3, 2017

Have you ever wondered how you can make and impact in the world with your work?

Have you dreamed about creating an online business but don't feel you can do it?

Maybe you've stopped because you're listening to the naysayers telling you that it's impossible.

I'm here to te...

February 1, 2017

In this episode of what I call "La Dolce Vita Philosophy" I share the science and psychology of how to look at every area of your life and how that can negatively impact your business and life. I coach primarily women entrepreneurs world-wide and I find that there is a...

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