Unleash Your Intuition: Business Secrets

ABOUT Michelle J. Abrams is a passionate entrepreneur who has dedicated herself to her mission of uniting the female artists & athletes across Colorado. Her company, Women of Colorado, brings together women of all interests and abilities to pursue new activities & to make empowered friends. She uses her business as a catalyst to give back to local, women business owners as well as to aid the dreams of individuals through the Women of Colorado ambassador program. Michelle knows that success is earned, that intuition is our strongest ally, & she enjoys using her expertise & energy to inspire those around her. SHOW NOTES Sticking to your guns even when others don't like it. Staying focused on s

Why women entrepreneurs don't invest in themselves and how to breakthrough your fear

This is an important topic that I did a Facebook Live earlier this week. I share the main reasons why women entrepreneurs will give themselves excuses as to why they don't invest in themselves. In order to go to the next level of your business, it's important that you invest in yourself. In this video, I share some of the biggest fears that women entrepreneurs face and how you can powerfully shift. Looking to expand your mind & brand? Click here to learn more #womenandmoney

Bad Habits And Business Mistakes: Avoid This if You Want to Grow

ABOUT Sophia Sunwoo is the founder of Ascent Strategy, a consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs move beyond DIY startup building and create a more grown-up, polished version of their startup that’s poised for success SHOW NOTES How to stop DIY startup building and build a polished, grown-up business​ Tips and advice to build a business that lasts Bad habits and mistakes that startups should avoid if they want to grow their business Booming startup industries for entrepreneurs QUOTES "You can't make more money but you can't make more time" FOLLOW https://www.facebook.com/ascentstrategy.startups http://www.linkedin.com/in/sophia-sunwoo/ http://www.ascent-strategy.com http://www.sophi

How she built a business generating $50k a month while having a baby

ABOUT Madeleine Lambert is a world-traveler who, a couple of years ago, decided to settle in her a small tourist town of Collingwood, Ontario. Since moving here, she has launched a business and grown it to $50kMRR. Content Refined is thriving on a systematic process, and–likewise–Madeleine has been growing her team through a system of "pods". Now, two and a half years into this business, she and her husband have welcomed with their first child (born July 2018). So in addition to fostering a rapidly growing business, she is working on the puzzle of shifting business responsibilities while taking care of maternal needs You can have a family and a business without sacrificing one for the other

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