How to be 9x more successful in your business by doing this ONE THING

I can't believe 2018 is almost over and we are headed into the New Year. At the end of each year or during the month of January I make sure I do this ONE THING that allows me to feel aligned with my business which is setting goals for the entire year. There was an article in Forbes Magazine that explained the Neuroscience of Goal Settling and I did a video about it to on my blog too! Basically it said that when you write things down it gets stored in the hippocampus (which is part of the limbic system). This is important for you to know because it's associated with memories, emotion, and motivation. Which means if you write down your goals correctly you encode it in your brain so that you wi

How to Use Adversity in Creating Your Fearless Life

ABOUT Petra Velzeboer: Mental Health Consultant, Psychotherapist, Executive Coach, Podcast Host, Training Provider. Raised in a cult, Petra’s story is one of courage in the face of adversity. She believes if we utilize empathy and generate human connection at work we can create mentally healthy workplaces and enhance productivity. SHOW NOTES How the adversity we face can be used as a catalyst to push us into becoming our best selves. How to desensitize ourselves to fear in order to push past the perceived barriers to success. How to look after our mindset / mental health to avoid burnout and sustain fulfillment while pushing forward and how curiosity is the best asset we have. Using her p

How to be Fearless & Grow Your Passion 0-$3 Million

ABOUT Abby Walker the founder of Vivian Lou, a company dedicated to helping women look and feel better in high heel. She started her company as a “hobby” business (while being a full-time working mom) and in 2017, the revenue was just shy of $3M, while having 0 employees SHOW NOTES How she turned a shoe hobby into her passion project that became highly profitable What she did to clear limiting beliefs Why having the right partner is key and why it's important to keep your finances in your business separate QUOTES Being an entrepreneur and starting a journey like this is the biggest business lesson and the biggest lesson self-learning lesson because you learn so much about yourself. Why

How to be fearless & find your Million Dollar Idea

ABOUT Jody Harris's 30 years of experience in corporate America, being a mother of 3 and a successful business owner has taught her to be one of the most powerful businesswomen in the business sector. Jody wants every woman to be successful through their life’s journey so they can put their time and energy into the things that matter to them. I encourage women and men to never give up on their vision and dreams. The entrepreneur journey can feel like a rollercoaster and lonely at times. My successful track record wasn’t easy to achieve, therefore, I encourage others when they feel like giving up NOTES What to do to keep your vision alive even when you have a bad day What you need to tell

How to be fearless and trust your intuition

ABOUT “Lead with compassion and compassion only.” This is the mantra that fuels Jen Proctor, Founder & CEO of Cultivated Entertainment, both professionally and personally. Cultivated Entertainment is a full-service talent consulting firm that connects entertainment entities and brands with talent across campaigns, media, events, and more. Jen is an integral part of every synergy created and oversees all accounts. Compassion remains the cornerstone of her business strategy; Jen’s warmth and energy have solidified her as one of the industry’s go-to experts in talent development, casting, producing and booking. Cultivated Entertainment’s clients range from traditional television and production

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