Expect Success: How Highly Successful Women Think

I've seen that many female entrepreneurs focus on what they don't want and it's no wonder why they are throwing their money away on programs that are solely based on marketing instead of neuroscience. As a result, they are not getting the results they desired. After studying highly successful women like Janice Bryant Howroyd She was the first African American woman to own a billion-dollar business that there's a formula for her massive success that I think you'll find inspiring. In one of her keynotes Janice says, "Expect Success...don't set your expectations on your environment, set expectations on your success. She started her business with an investment of $900. She had all odds against h

Own Your Power In Any Industry

Watch Listen ABOUT CEO & Founder Of PhotoPad for Business. A leader and passionate about the start-up community, Serves as Director, Seattle Founder Institute, Mentor, Coach and organizer to Startup Weekend, Expert Panelist and speaker on Entrepreneurship, Invited to the White House Digital Tech summit and served on Delegation for Vancouver First Startup Week and panelist for Bridging the Gap between Seattle and Vancouver, as well as, seeks ways to help entrepreneurs connect with one another and provides resources to assure success. Diane is a Thought leader and advocate for Women Entrepreneurs and empower them to pursue their startups serving as advisers to start-ups, Board of Directors to

How Women Can Own Their Value Using Neuroscience {VIDEO}

This video is so timely with what is happening today in the world and as women we have to stand in our power. We do that by owning our value. You can also read a similar article I did on this exact topic by clicking here About Heather Picken I am a best-selling author, business catalyst, executive consultant, workshop leader on women performance using neuroscience. Additionally I am the founder of Fierce Femme Wines,I see myself as a curator of wines with a mission to advocate sharing a varietal among women as it inspires dialog, communication, and engagement among colleagues and friends. #ownyourvalue #knowyourvalue #womenandleadership #howtobeahighvaluedwoman #attractelitehighpayingclient

Secrets to Success & Mindfulness Briana Bragg

Watch Listen ABOUT Briana is an entrepreneur of over 10 years, having begun her first business while in college in the digital marketing space. Now owning 3 companies marrying Marketing & Mindfulness to create a new space in the marketplace. A story of perseverance, never compromising my core values, continuing to push on in a male-dominated area in a new industry at 23 years old, finding how to partner with the right people, surround myself with the right support system and team, learning to find solutions amid problems of every kind and never giving up. Always encouraging and empowering others to gain success. Never give up on your dream. If you work hard and keep moving forward every day

How Women Can Own Their Value Using Neuroscience

I’ve been empowering women for over 15 years now, helping them to master every area of their life and become a fearless leader. I first started in the fitness field where I discovered the power of the mind-body connection. Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of how the mind affects disease and I saw the correlation of women who came through my doors who were unhappy in their lives and how it impacted their bodies. I worked with women to change how they viewed food and their body internally so that they could change externally. It was so profound because the inner work did wonders for transforming various conditions besides weight loss like diabetes, autoimmune diseases, eating disorders and n

The Formula for Living Bravely Margie Warrell

Watch or Listen ABOUT https://tinyurl.com/MargieWarrwell SHOW NOTES How to handle motherhood and still live big brave life in your business or career 11:17 Gender has no power 17:42 How daily rituals will catapult you to success 25:30 QUOTES “Courage is a muscle” “If all you do what is comfortable you’ll never do what you’re capable of” FOLLOW http://www.margiewarrell.com https://www.instagram.com/margiewarrell http://twitter.com/margiewarrell Podcast Click here Grab a copy of my latest book: The La Dolce Vita Formula: A Woman's Guide to a Fearless and Fabulous Life! http://www.fearlessandfabulousbook.com Looking to build a business that lasts? Take my 3 Day Sweet Life Challenge Click her

Secrets to creating influence, impact, and breaking through fear Baily Hancock

Watch Or Listen ABOUT Baily Hancock is a Collaboration Consultant who empowers female entrepreneurs to amplify their influence + gain credibility through collaboration to grow their business. SHOW NOTES I hadn't been listening to my intuition that perhaps this path wasn't right for me. 3:49 Once I was able to build that local community I was able to figure out that I was over waiting tables and my life was meant for more than this 7:57 More and more female entrepreneurs understand collaboration 20:19 You can amplify and grow your business 26:22 QUOTES "Nothing is forever good or bad" FOLLOW http://twitter.com/bailyhancock https://www.facebook.com/groups/collaborationcoalition https://www

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