Why BIG bold goals feel fearful and the 3 things you can do to accelerate your VISION

I am no stranger to fear, in fact my entire motto has been "I don't want to live my life feeling I've missed out!" My earliest moments of facing my fears was at the age of 3 where I would play a game of crossing a busy street right in front of our house. The speed limit was 50, so you get an idea of how fast these cars were going. I know what you are thinking..."Where were your parents?" I am sure they were in the house but I was so focused on taking on a lofty goal. I would look left and then right and tell myself it was OK to cross the road. My mind felt like it was very adult-like having the awareness to go through mental routine. This would go on for a few minutes until I felt I maste

Why you need a vision BIG VISION and my new wine label

I've been helping clients create their big vision for years and one of the must haves is creating a mission that focuses on impacting the masses. The bigger your vision the more you will have to breakthrough your fear but the reward is you will have more opportunities. Watch below as I share my 2 new releases and my bigger vision and purpose Cheers to being fierce! Go for your wildest dreams and stop comparing or caring what other people think. #FierceFemmeWines Go to Fierce Femme to check out my first two releases Do you have a vision? Are you taking action? If you feel overwhelmed on what to do next, I can help. Apply for a La Dolce Vita Breakthrough Session where we can talk about your

Mindset Business Breakthrough

Feeling like you're not fully living your purpose? Looking for a proven way to get out of your own way and leap to the next level of your business? Watch this video Check out the La Dolce Vita Formula: (10 only) http://www.ladolcevitaformula.com/ Watch the Masterclass-Neuroscience for Female Success: tinyurl.com/reprogrammindset #visionboard #overcomingfear

How to be a Fearless Woman in the World Today

The question that I'm often asked in interviews is how do women gain more power in the world today? My answer is always the same.... Women can own their power in workplace or business by learning how to conquer their fears and understanding who they really are. Fear is the #1 thing that will hold you back. One of the first things you need to do is to identify the specific fear. There's no such thing as the fear of the unknown as there's always a content of the fear. Here's a list of some specific fears: Fear of success Fear of failure Fear of an authority figure  Fear of losing a loved one Fear of not feeling smart enough Fear of not having the health/vitality  When I am wor

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