Limited Pre-launch: The La Dolce Vita Formula

I wanted to let you know about my new ebook, The La Dolce Vita Formula, A Woman’s Guide to a Fearless and Fabulous Life. I’ve finally created the ultimate manual for living the “sweet life.” My new ebook is the culmination of everything that I’ve learned to this point. I’ve always been passionate about helping women breakthrough their limits and achieve anything that they want. I’m now able to do this on a wider scale - my new book is just $0.99 until January 11th. For less than a cup of coffee, you can have my instruction manual for accomplishing your dreams. (This isn’t one of those short, fluff-filled books - it’s over 130 pages long and packed from start to finish with actionable insigh

How to change your business or any area of life in 30 days

I LOVE celebrating client results and even though I work mostly with women, I do work with FABULOUS men too. I wanted to share with you a client who worked with me privately, and his results in just 8 weeks. What I love about Robert is that he followed The La Dolce Vita Formula, and as a result he upgraded his mindset. The upgrade in his mindset was the Secret to his Success. You think it's all about marketing? Think again! I help clients Master their Mindset to get results. This is why in 2018 I will be taking my business in a slightly different direction that I find is more inspiring and powerful in getting the results that you desire. Think about any area of your life that you've

The one thing that you need to do in order to achieve your biggest dreams and goals

The count down begins as we head into the New Year. Are you looking forward to 2018? Or are dreading it and feeling frustrated with major disappointments? Here's your reality check... If you don't like where you're at you have the power to change it. Often times I find people don't hit their goals because there's missing this ONE thing...it is the key in creating your La Dolce Vita life-The Sweet life! That one thing is having your La Dolce Vita Master Plan. This plan is what I help my elite clients map out. Here's some of my client results: $25k-$45k in 8 weeks Clarity on Life Purpose Reaching their personal goals (Getting fabulously fit, and attracting the right relationships) Why is

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