How to Create Perfect Health and Life Inspired Episode #148

Do you know that your body is always giving your feedback? Are you listening? If you don't have your health then nothing else matters. My expert guest, Dr. Dave Tuck talks about the body's wisdom in how your thinking affects your vitality and health. Here's what we talked about: How imbalances in your thinking create illness and disease How to learn what your body is telling you How your perceptions create your reality Understanding the underlying symptoms and the power of your mind How to improve your health by doing this one thing... **We had a few tech glitches but the interview was amazing! Dr. Dave Tuck has been caring for Texoma area residents for more than 24 years in the health

Why you need to be true to your dreams

I can't count how many times I started to give up my dreams when it didn't agree with the boyfriend I was dating at that time. Why are you spending so much money on your business? When are you going to give up on this and get a job? Just be happy where you're at! I'm so glad I stuck to my truth and kept pushing myself. It cost me both physically and mentally but I knew deep down I had to follow my La Dolce Vita. Thankfully I am in a fabulous relationship and don't have to deal with that now. When you give yourself permission to follow what inspires you the most, it's freeing to your soul. No longer are you bound by the disapproving voices because you're not willing to negotiate your desires

Here's Why You Want to Stop Seeking Approval of Others

It doesn't matter if your a CEO or startup trying to make everyone happy will always end up in a disaster. Right now am working with a new client, that is a high performer at her job, makes a great salary, and created security their with her years of experience and expertise. In the beginning she let me know how her approval issues were stopping her from living her own truth. She hates her job and knows it is draining her energy. As a result, her health was declining badly and it’s forcing her to stop working altogether and go on sick leave. She wasn't following her path, and her body was expressing that clearly in the form of an illness. The point I am making here is that your body w

The Power of Creating Daily Habits

Editor's note: I love philosophy and the wisdom I feel when I'm read something that's inspiring. You want to make more money? Attract more clients? Achieve a better body? All of the above require daily effort and wishing things will happen isn't going to work. It's interesting to see when I am working with a new client how I have to teach them the basics of creating daily habits. I've created an entire system around this so that they can learn exactly what they need to be doing every day to get to reach their goals. I'm so inspired by helping others that in the New Year I will be launching something brand new to help you with this too. Aristotle had it right when he said that excellence i

How to reprogram your mind for success

For over 15 years I've been studying human behavior and brain science in understanding why people do the the things they do. I've worked with all types people from entrepreneurs, CEO, and people that are looking to find their purpose. What do all of these people have in common? At every level of success they go through there's another level in which they have to reprogram their mind for success. Even some of the most successful CEO's can have doubts and fears. That's why you should never see yourself as beneath someone. Always see yourself as equal no matter where you are on the path of life. First lets define what success is. Success is not the dollar amount you reach rather it's somet

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