How to go from Ordinary to Extraordinary: Goal Setting Episode #147

Learn how to go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY in your life. What are your goals and dreams that you would love to accomplish? Have you reached your highest potential? There's a formula for you to stop settling in your life and finally achieve your goals. Want to get in the best shape of your life? Attract your ideal mate? Make more money in your business? If you want to change your life you must do this ONE thing. Your past doesn't have to hold you back. Have you taken the 3 Day Sweet Life Challenge? If not go here now Click here to receive instant access

The 3 Secrets For Business Mastery

Are you looking to make more money in your business? Create more visibility? Be in the flow instead of forcing things to happen? I've learned the formula of what you need to do in order to Master your business. If you follow these 3 Secrets you'll go to the next level your success. Check out this presentation that will show you the formula for your success. Learn how this client went from $25k -$45k in 8 weeks How this client transformed her trauma and now has a business that she loves Secrets in reprogramming yourself successful How to create and see your future How to set goals that you actually achieve The single biggest thing you need to know so that you stop attracting chaos Never att

Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

It's interesting to see how so many people give up easily on their dreams. If you want to create something EXTRAORDINARY you can't be ordinary. Once you STOP listening to the outside voices and start following your VITA (life) FORCE you will become unstoppable. Obstacles are the Universe telling you there's a better way, the question is.... ARE YOU LISTENING? Let NO ONE or NOTHING stop you on your way. Years ago I read a book that changed my life (Think and Grow Rich), you might have read it too. If you fully understood the message then you will realize how powerful this book was and still is today. Click the image to get your copy Napoleon Hill interviewed some of the most successful people

How to Overcome Fear and Breakthrough Episode #146

Overcoming fear is one of the biggest things that holds people back from living a fulfilling life. In this episode on La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living, I talk about the formula for breaking through your fears and what specific types of fears that you might be experiencing right now. What is holding you back? Check out this book I talked about in this episode You can be Fearless and Fabulous Take the FREE 3 Day Sweet Life Challenge #overcomingfear #thebiologyofbelief #subconsciousblocks #thescienceofsuccess #TonyRobbins

How to breakthrough your FEARS, get out of your way and start living your VITA

What kind of life do you want to live? Your VITA (life) depends on how you handle your fears. I've worked with women all over the world from CEOs, entrepreneurs, mothers, and even men too and the one thing that stops them from having success is their FEAR. Years ago I interviewed Neale Donald Walsch about this subject and he said fear is nothing but ... FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL Editor's note: Does this feel familiar? So what are you really fearful of? What I find people fear the MOST are the following: Fear of being good enough/smart enough Fear of loss Fear of failure Fear of success Fear of authority figures/approval You've been conditioned at a very young age to buy

Attracting chaos? Here's why and how you can change it right now

I want you to look at your life right now and see where there's chaos. Are you unorganized with your money? Is your relationship going downhill? Are you constantly feeling sick and rundown? What are you constantly saying to yourself that is putting you in the pit? Are you really following your VITA (life) force or are you living in the shadows? When you don't live from your VITA you will attract chaos and it won't stop until you start Living Your Truth. For most of my life I was pretending to be something I wasn't, trying to fit in and figure it out. I was exhausted with my efforts and forcing things to happen. If you've ever felt this way you're not alone. Even the smartest clie

The power of your words and how they are creating your beliefs

I'm dying! This was the message I received after working with a private client the other night. When I saw this message, it made my heart race... Luckily, a few minutes later he let me know that everything was OK and he was not dying and the message was intended for someone else. This peaked my curiosity because why would someone choose to use those words? I've been studying neuroscience for years and the power of words and how they impact the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is responsible for about 95% of your actions and when you constantly say things like: I can't I'm too old This is hard It's just my luck I'm dying You start creating a way of thinking in your mind that is h

Feeling Stuck? Learn the power of your limiting beliefs

I was speaking with a new client and they asked me a question that demonstrated their current belief system. Am I too old to start a new business? I sent them this link and told them to read it and then get back to me. So what makes people say things like this? Is it really true? The answer is yes and no depending on what you believe. What you believe you perceive Your perceptions create your inner world and when you have an imbalanced perception (seeing more negative than positive) it reenforces what you continue to create in your outer world. I'm sure you've probably heard that your unconscious mind is like a program that runs you, but did you also know that you can change the way

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