How to build a business that lasts: Jeff Bezos is proof of Living La Dolce Vita

Did you know Jeff Bezos is living La Dolce Vita? What does that mean? He's created a long term business vision that will last, and with the recent purchase of Whole Foods and in other industries he's created something extraordinary. He's a powerful leader in the business world today. People that have the MOST influence are the ones that have the power to change. My question is what do you want to change and what is your vision? Take my 3 Day Sweet Life Challenge to help you to get clear on your business vision Click Here for Access I find many entrepreneurs are too quick to jump on the bandwagon of creating something that is a quick fix and then it collapses. Editor's note: This is what most

La Dolce Vita: How to think like Einstein and why challenge is necessary for your brain and business

When you think GENIUS MIND, your brain might automatically go to Einstein. If you read my last article about becoming a global influencer I talked about why challenge is necessary to become an extraordinary leader. If you want to go beyond what others entrepreneurs are doing right now, make more money, and attract better clients you must go beyond what others are doing. Click here to catch up, if you haven't read it Editor's Note: I used to stick out my tongue every time my dad tried to take a picture of me when I was a kid. One of the reasons why I study so much and love to keep up on the latest brain science, is that it allows me to help my Elite La Dolce Vita Clients go from ordinary

Why there are so few women CEOs and how to become a global influencer with your business and brand

Recently I flew to San Francisco to appear on the Bay Area Focus show on CBS-CW and I was inspired to shared my message for women leaders/entrepreneurs. In the interview the TV host asked me why there were so few women CEOs. I gave her some of my reasons like there is still a bias against women leading, thinking they can't be assertive like men or take risks. Also, I mentioned Sheryl Sandberg and how women should "Lean In" to their careers, which is taking a proactive stance to own their power. It all boils down to going after what you want and not allowing yourself to subordinate to authority figures or outside forces. It's been a man's world for many years, and the power struggle I find i

The Science of Getting Rich for Women Entrepreneurs: The Formula For Making Money Episode #143

There is a SCIENCE of getting rich for women entrepreneurs. If you're wanting to go to the next level there's a formula. I used to beat myself up not knowing how to do it and as a result I kept thinking that I would never generate the kind of money and live my own La Dolce Vita life, which means the Sweet Life. As a women entrepreneur you have to know who you are. You also have to get clear on what specifically that you want and set goals that are aligned with your values. When you set goals that are a fantasy and don't achieve them you will beat yourself and wonder why you can't get there. The most successful female entrepreneurs and CEO's follow this formula and so can you! I've been empow

Thought Leader Marketing: Why you want to write a book

The other day I did a Facebook LIVE talking about a personal strategy I use for my Thought Leader Marketing. Since I've been on TV with my published book, my income and influence has skyrocketed. This is one of the many strategies I teach in my Elite La Dolce Vita Coaching. Have you thought about writing a book? Let me know what is stopping you? WATCH other FB live videos here ---> Click here Comment below or contact me here on the CHAT form. I answer all comments. #howtowriteabook #bestsellingbook #howtogetonTVandinthemeda #selfpublishing #publicitysecrets #howtodoyourownpublicity #howtobecomeanauthorityinyourindustry

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