How to Create an Inspired Mission: The Formula For Your Purpose Episode #125

This is the first interview where someone made me cry! I met Chris at an event I hosted and he was the musical talent. He is a man on a mission and he does that through his speaking and singing. Some people might seem him disabled with his cerebral palsy, but he doesn't...he sees himself as a valuable contribution in the world. I see him as inspiring and someone we can all learn from. His song, 'Noise' that he performed on the show spoke to my soul. I was so moved by his message and mission that I wanted to share with you his inspired movement. It doesn't matter who you are and what has happened to you in the past. What matters is that you keep focused and create a vision that INSPIRES the w

The Power of Self-Care: The Formula for Creating a Self-Care Practice Episode #124

Are you struggling to find time for yourself and as a result you find you're feeling depleted? You're not alone because whether your an entrepreneur, mother, or professional it's easy to give so much to others and feel off balanced. My next guest shares her secrets on creating a self-care practice that works for you. I know for myself, I spend a good 2-3 hours in the morning to take time out for myself along with working out almost every day. Stacy Fisher-Gunn is a Self-Care Designer, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Author of Uppward. She is the founder of Living Upp, a self-care community that helps women develop powerful self-care practices that build st

The Future of Marketing: The Formula for Marketing Your Business Episode #123

Do you know where the future of marketing is going? If not you want to watch this episode of La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living where my expert guest talks about the most important things you need to know for marketing and growing your business. Being a leader in your business means staying on top of the marketing trends and figuring out what makes the most sense for your business. When I work with clients it's the most critical strategy that we go over. Jon Wuebben is the Founder & CEO of Content Launch, the first complete content marketing platform built for digital marketing agencies & SMB’s. Content Launch has produced content for over 700 companies since 2003. Jon has provid

How to be an INSPIRED Leader: The Formula for Courageous Leadership Episode #122

Being a leader is one of the fastest ways to grow your influence and visibility. I loved this interview on taking a different angle on leadership as it applies to any heritage. Never doubt that you're good enough either. Everyone can cultivate it if they pursue and master the principles. Lori Tsugawa Whaley, a third generation Japanese American, has been a certified Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) life coach for nearly 10 years. Incorporating her Samurai heritage, she helps people embrace their own inner samurai strength to be strong ethical leaders with intention. Utilizing the Samurai Code of Bushido (Way of the Warrior) and its character-building traits of courage, inte

Attract Love: The Formula to Own Your Power In Love #121

Are you a successful single woman looking for love but keep attracting the wrong men? Do you become needy if the guy you are dating doesn't text or call you back when you want him to? There's a formula for attracting the right man and love into your life and my expert guest goes beyond the illusion of what most women are thinking and doing. I loved interviewing Katarina Phang, because she not only understands the formula but has successfully helped her female clients get engaged with her philosophy. I truly appreciate it because it is something that I recommend if you want to be a high value woman. I find all too often that successful women will give their power away when it comes

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