The 3 Keys To Real Romance: The Formula For True Love Episode #116

I know if you're a a single woman and worrying if you'll ever meet your ideal mate? The truth is you CAN. If you're in the WRONG relationship or don't attract the right men when dating then there's a reason why. There's a FORMULA for ATTRACTING real romance and my guest, Barry Selby shares the 3 Keys To Real Romance. It's never too late, and I don't care what your track record has been either. When you understand the formula you can have an amazing relationship. I even share some of my dating stories! OMG :) I will tell you this, if you're a woman entrepreneur and you're in the WRONG relationship your business will crash. When you are in a supportive relationship your business will soar

The Formula for Building an Elite Brand and Being a Global Influencer

The other day I was interviewed on Taking Back Your Life -Business Takeover with host Klarque Garrison. What a great time I had and I enjoyed Klarque's interview style as went deep. Here's what I talked about: How to become a Global Influencer How to stand out in the crowed market place The Branding Formula I use for my Elite clients to help you unlock your wealth potential How to align your values to your vision How to rewire your mind to create success The science behind charging what you are worth for elite clients #KlarqueGarrison #influencer #expandingbusiness #brandingforcoaches #ho

Episode #115: Triple and Quadruple Your Reveneus in Your Business: The Formula For Profits

There is a formula for tripling and quadrupling your revenues in your business! My guest Cozette White shows women entrepreneurs how to understand their numbers and metrics in their business so that they can go to the next level of tripling even quadrupling their revenues. We also talked about mindset when it comes to their finances and managing their money. How to manage debt and liberate yourself from how you think about it so you can go to the next level! You can learn more about Cozette here: http://myfinancialhome.com/ Also check out her new book that's coming out: http://www.AttractingTheBest.com Bio: http://cozettemwhite.com/short-bio/ #howtobeasuccessfulcoach #revenuebreakthrough

Episode #114: How to Command a Stage or Room in Business: The Formula For Creating Presence

What a FABULOUS interview about understanding the science and psychology of creating a powerful presence in your business or on stage. I love this conversation because we hit upon key strategies on owning your true power and potential when commanding your presence. Renee Metty, M.Ed is the Founder and CEO of With Pause™. She believes that one’s greatest asset is the quality of attention you bring to every aspect of your experience. With a M.Ed in Early Childhood, a M.Ed in Special Education, and a degree in Business Administration, Renee’s experience over the past 20 years helps everyone from the home office to the C suite. Through speaking, workshops and training, With Pause™ boosts your ab

Proven Strategies to Attract Elite High-Paying Clients

If you want to Breakthrough Your Revenue in your business you need to have a High-End Service. It’s the fastest path to getting you there and it allows you to have more freedom and flexibility in your business and life which is the La Dolce Vita way, and means the sweet life, and it’s how I coach all of my clients that are looking to grow bigger and faster and in a way that feels fulfilling. The more money you make, the greater you CAN impact the world with your work. It’s important to see money as a powerful tool. If you don’t you’ll spend your days always working for it instead of it working for you. If your mission IS in fact to be a leader don’t fool yourself in thinking you don’t need

Episode # 113: Using Intuition For Your Business and Life

Are you listening to the inner nudges that are calling you to do so much more in your business and life? If not then I encourage you to watch the this episode of La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living. I help women entrepreneurs and females to OWN their POWER and POTENTIAL. Do you want to make a GLOBAL IMPACT with your brand? What is stopping you from really getting what you want? Join me and my guest Lisa Lamont, as we explore this topic of understanding your intuition and the power it has for empowering you in your business and life! Lisa Lamont, CHT Business & Spiritual Intuitive Advisor, Hypnotherapist, Author, Speaker Lisa's motto is: "In 24 hours, you can rewrite your life's p

Episode #112: Start Your Online Business| The Formula for Inspiring the World

Have you ever wondered how you can make and impact in the world with your work? Have you dreamed about creating an online business but don't feel you can do it? Maybe you've stopped because you're listening to the naysayers telling you that it's impossible. I'm here to tell you that you CAN do whatever you put your mind to. I help INSPIRED entrepreneurs world-wide to take their passion and profit from it leaving the world a better place. My guest is a great example of how she takes FASHION and combines with a cause! I love her shoes so much I contributed to her cause and here's the info below if you'd like to do the same! Buy some shoes, look FABULOUS and create to a worthy cause! www.fuchsi

Episode #111: Mastering your Mindset for Business and Life: The Formula For Mastering Success

In this episode of what I call "La Dolce Vita Philosophy" I share the science and psychology of how to look at every area of your life and how that can negatively impact your business and life. I coach primarily women entrepreneurs world-wide and I find that there is a reoccurring theme in one's business if they get stuck as it relates to their relationships. If you are in a toxic relationship it will impact your business. You might find it's hard to focus or even just get out of bed. It's also important to look at the program you have that's running like a software program in your mind. Ask yourself some of the following questions: Do I feel like I have to struggle in my business? Am I in

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