Lifestyle Business Secrets: The Formula on Building Your Business and Brand For Global Impact

I love helping women entrepreneurs create a Business and Brand that they love. Part of the SECRET in doing this is having a vision that is bigger than you, right online and offline marketing strategy that serves your ideal clients, and aligning your mind to make it happen! Watch this video from my recent trip that I took documenting the most critical factors for your success. Plus, one thing that I said to this young entrepreneur that made a HUGE impact for his business and life! A few weeks ago I spent 3 days in Houston refining my Global Business and Brand for empowering millions of women and female leaders and entrepreneurs. I said something a few years ago to a young entrepreneur tha

7 Secrets to Manifest Your FABULOUS Business and LIFE in 2017 and Beyond

It's well into January and my phone is ringing off the hook with clients that are FED up and FRUSTRATED wanting to CATAPULT to the next level. They've invested in themselves before and it hasn't worked They've tried it on their own and it hasn't worked They're blocking their success by not knowing what's going on They've chased the shiny objects until they start beating themselves up mentally When I first speak with them they have the idea first that they need some slick marketing plan and have signed up for numerous programs that haven't worked or they're creating unconscious programs that are keeping them stuck because they were missing some critical things that is exactly what I

Episode #110: The Formula For Setting Goals in Your Business and Life

Do you try to set goals every year only to beat yourself up? There's a FORMULA for success and if you follow it...WATCH out world because you know and implement it you achieve your goals. Once you achieve goals you tend to set even BIGGER goals. Watch this EPISODE of La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living on uncovering the RIGHT formula that works. I've studied some of the best neuroscience and psychology of understanding what makes us tick and how we get in our own way. https://youtu.be/DtyXjHyHvAM

The Power Of Visualization and Achieving Your Goals in 2017

Last week I was on ABC-TV speaking about how to set goals and actually achieve them in 2017 and beyond. I created this short video documenting my trip and the TV appearance. Let me know what your GOALS are in 2017 and what you feel is STOPPING you from getting there! Plus is you didn't make my last virtual LIVE Master Class on The Formula For LDV Master Class: The Formula For Attracting More Success More Clients, and Mastering Your Mindset SIGN UP NOW #visionary #goalsetting #howtobuildasuccessfulonlinecoachingbusiness #coachingconfidencecreatingleader

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