Episode #109: The Formula for Opening Doorways To Your Success with Diane Najm

Diane Najm is the CEO & Founder Of PhotoPad for Business. A leader and passionate about the start-up community, Serves as Director, Seattle Founder Institute, Mentor, Coach and organizer to Start up Weekend, Expert Panelist and speaker on Entrepreneurship,Invited to the White House Digital Tech summit and served on Delegation for Vancouver First Startup Week and panelist for Bridging the Gap between Seattle and Vancouver , as well as, seeks ways to help entrepreneurs connect with one another and provides resources to assure success. Thought leader and advocate for Women Entrepreneurs and empower them to pursue their startups serving as advisers to start-ups ,Board of Directors to Women In Wi

Episode #108: The Formula for taking your PASSION and monetizing by blogging with guest Lavenda Memo

Check out my guest that took her PASSION for FASHION and turned it into a business using her blog. I work with clients all over the world to take what they truly love and create an online global brand that attracts Elite clients. Here's her story... What began as a side project and personal style diary, eventually became an opportunity to work for myself and spend more time with my daughter. With 7 years experience as a professional fashion photographer and a major in writing, I have been able to fuse my love for fashion with my schooling and life experience into a blog that I’m truly proud of- Lavenda’s Closet. I’ve create a platform of transparency that includes the good, the fashionable a

Do this and WATCH your business GROW beyond belief

The other day when I was driving my mind was elsewhere and guess what happened? I hit a curb and tore my tire. RUH ROH (that is what my Chihuahua, Frankie Lee would say) The minute I did it I had the thought… “You see what happens when you’re not present… you ATTRACT situations to get your attention!” It's something I teach my ELITE clients when going to the next level of their business but the funny thing is I was out of my own alignment. The SECRET to MASTERING your business growth and making more money and impact in the world is being present and focused. I know that sounds simple, yet it’s so true.. The other day I was coaching one of my La Dolce Vita Elite Clients and a similar thing ha

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