Episode #101: The Formula for FABULOUS beauty with guest Leah Patterson of MOVE MAKEUP

Leah Patterson is a holistic beauty and wellness coach that provides high performing women with the guidance they need to create an overall lifestyle of mind, body, and spirit balance. She calls it Goddess Lifestyle Coaching. She blogs about holistic skincare and beauty, wellness tips and techniques, and occasionally shares her adventures running a boutique beauty makeup line for active women named MOVE Makeup and spreading the love of salsa – the dance not the sauce – in her big little city of Little Rock, AR. From chemical engineering to herb garden stewarding, Leah considers herself fortunate to have explored her passions in many different ways. Ask her one day how a ChemE grad ends up te

Episode #100: FORMULA for Fearless living and breaking through limiting beleifs with Mary Ann Halpin

Is FEAR holding you back from pursuing your dreams? Fear is actually a good thing because it's an emotion for you to look at. Mary Ann Halpin call herself the GODDESS of photography and uses her images to EMPOWER women. Recently she sent me her book "Fearless Women" which was FABULOUS. Each woman she portrayed in her book share their formula for using fear as a catalyst. You can check out her book here: https://www.amazon.com/Fearless-Women-Visions-New-World/dp/0985114304 Do you need help finding your formula for fabulous living? Would you like to take your unique service or gift and bring it to the world? If so make sure you grab your free gift over at www.HeatherShowGift.com or contact me

Epidsode #99 The formula for FABULOUS beat boxing and traveling the world special guest Kenny Urban

My first official show for La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living where I interview Kenny Urban. His success formula is using is unique talent with his voice beat boxing all around the world. I found him online while wanting to explore the world of beat boxing and use it in my own work with speaking and presenting because I like to be different and fun. Check out the latest win on the... Grand Beatbox SHOWCASE Battle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAeC663kuZQ https://www.facebook.com/kennyu Do you need help finding your formula for fabulous living? Would you like to take your unique service or gift and bring it to the world? If so make sure you grab your free gift over at www.Heat

How to BREAKTHROUGH your Profit Plateau

Let me ask you a question… Are you getting in your own way of success? You know you have a block because you want to go to the next level of your business but for some reason you just can't breakthrough. The blocks might look like some of the following for you: I’m afraid to raise my prices for fear of my prospective clients will say no I’m avoiding asking for the sale or CALLING prospective clients that I know could benefit from my work I have no idea how to create MORE visibility that will help me attract and convert more of my IDEAL ELITE clients online or offline I feel OVERWHELMED so I will just do nothing and stay in my comfort zone I’ve tried so many things and have failed In this pos

2 Powerful Must Have Tools To Automate Your Business Online

I love sharing my secrets to automation with my ELITE clients and I am updating my coaches toolkit that include some amazing both FREE and low cost tools that will help save you time. If you don’t automate your business you’ll find yourself feeling frustrated because you’re wasting your precious time! Having automated systems in your business will LIBERATE you and generate MORE money in your bank account. Plus, gives you the FREEDOM to do what you want. I’ve been personally using everything I recommend here too! Here are the top 2 tools I use to automate my online coaching business. You can use these tools with any business too. LIVELEAP What it does: The world’s first LIVE syndicated softwa

How to create your business around your LIFESYTLE

Have you ever dreamed about working anywhere in the world with your business yet right now you feel trapped because you don’t have the freedom to do so? Or maybe you’ve never been to other countries and would love to figure out how you COULD do it all while running your online coaching, consulting or healing practice? This was my thought years ago I asked my self this EMPOWERING QUESTION… “How can I do what I LOVE and make an IMPACT in the world where I could work ANYWHERE in the world?” I held onto that question and didn’t have the answer but was on a quest to make it happen. Here’s what I did to make it happen and so can you…. Step 1. First I got CLEAR on my MISSION, VISION, and PURPOSE. M

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