{Your $30k+ clients} The Science, Psychology and Philosophy of Attracting ELITE CLIENTS

If you have a coaching, consulting or healing practice and you know what you offer is valuable yet when it come’s to creating an ELITE program you feel like you’re in your head or you might hear the response from your perspective clients that they don’t have the money. Or maybe you don’t feel 100% confident yet because you have no idea how to create, sell, or market your ELITE program. In this post I want to share with you the science, psychology, and philosophy of attracting elite clients in your coaching, consulting business or practice. If you told me years ago that I was going to charge $30,000 and more for my elite programs I never thought it was possible until I discovered the deeper

Episode #98: Speak Your Truth and Shine Your Light with Tanya Penny and host Heather Picken

Learn how to take your expertise, package and profit from it, AND make a BIG impact in the world using online marketing to get in front of the masses. Tanya Penny, Self-Love Catalyst, Abundant Life & Biz Coach, teaches, empowers, and supports healers, coaches, and those ready to break through your fear & self-doubt, heal illness and trauma, SO you can step into self-confidence, have a healthy body and lifestyle TO fully live your passions AND create the abundant life of ultimate freedom that you were born to live! After struggling for 20 years with anxiety, weight, and pain, Tanya was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She started searching for the root cause of it all, tried many healing mo

Episode #97 : Let's Talk About Money with Emerald Peaceful GreenForest and host Heather Picken

Learn how to take your expertise, package and profit from it, AND make a BIG impact in the world using online marketing to get in front of the masses. Known as The Empress of Empowerment, Emerald Peaceful GreenForest is a Multidimensional Visionary who is passionate about serving leading transformational coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers, authors and agents of change who want to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service to the world and who want to profit handsomely from following their Spiritual path. Her international client roster includes NY Times Best Selling Authors, Hay House Radio Show Hosts, transformational trainers, conscious entrepreneurs and many other lead

Episode #96 : Leverage your expertise with a signature program with Margie Beiswanger

Learn how to take your expertise, package and profit from it, AND make a BIG impact in the world using online marketing to get in front of the masses. Margie Beiswanger of Transform Your Brilliance delights in showing experienced coaches, consultants, holistic healers, change agents, and other transformative entrepreneurs how to translate their unique gifts and expertise into signature programs and products so that they can reach more of their ideal clients, leverage their time, expand their business, and earn a good living. As a successful business coach and mentor, she is passionate about showing solopreneurs how their brilliance can shine even brighter! Learn more about Margie Beiswanger

Best software system to help build your coaching business

I believe that the POWER of WISDOM is to really share what you've learned with others. In my business I've made many mistakes, or are they really mistakes because I believe that we need to experience things in order to be true and transform ourselves. The other day I had a conversation with a client that was so frustrated with a piece of software that she spent a lot of money on and couldn't get it to work the way she wanted it to. It reminded me of my own frustration and the years it took to build a business online. I was happy to show her a better tool that could not only help her automate her business but save money with a simple all in one solution. I created a very short v

How to Find the Right Money Marketing Formula That Is Proven To Attract Clients and Increase Your Vi

If you’re overwhelmed about how to market your business online and you’re spending hours in front of your computer asking the question… “How do I market my business online so that I can build my business bigger and faster and only work with clients that are AMAZING?” This is the question that I know coaches and service-based providers are challenged with every single day as they open up their laptop searching for the Holy Grail of marketing. I’ve worked with clients all around the world on their marketing strategy and I’ve realized that one size doesn’t fit all. Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that says ONE SIZE FITS ALL only to find out it really doesn’t? Grrrr In this post I will

How to attract high end clients and build your online empire

Watch this video and enter to win! Comment below as instructed I created this video just for you if you’re looking to ATTRACT more high end clients in your online business AND want to create a bigger vision that will PAY you more. I share a specific strategy with you that my clients are using to attract a steady stream of leads and how you can easily do this too. Plus, I am doing a GIVEAWAY so watch the entire video and follow instructions when posting your comments. WATCH NOW There’s no reason why you can’t do this! I’m here to help :) Here’s to living the La Dolce Vita way and finding the formula for fabulous living! Heather #howtocreateavisionthatwillattractthemasse

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