Who is Heather?


As a child, Heather struggled with dyslexia. At the time, her learning disorder made her feel unintelligent and unconfident. But as our challenges often do, it presented her with an opportunity to grow. Today, she credits her learning disorder as the reason for studying the greatest minds when she lived abroad in Italy. In addition, her extensive training and certifications are focused on human behavior, human potential, and epigenetics. Heather has launched multiple businesses and inspires both women and organizations around the world.  

Heather is a Human Behavior Expert and CEO of Lux Analytics, Documentary Host, Bestselling Author, High-Level Advisor & Consultant to CEO's, Entrepreneurs & Executives.  She teaches a high-performance goal achievement success system called The Vision Method that uses neuroscience, psychology, and philosophic principles for prioritizing, planning, and daily mindfulness practices to create and master habits that stick.  She also has a patent-pending product called The Vision Journal.

She offers leadership training to Fortune 500 companies, private businesses, in-person workshops, online group programs, private consulting, and keynote.


Heather is also the Founder of Fierce Femme Wines-A Woman's Wine That Inspires a Dialog for Change.  Each label is a message to celebrate women and to own their power. She has been featured in over 100 media outlets and has appeared in the media on ABC, CBS, and FOX, CW, and Hayhouse Radio. 

"When women master their inner world they will increase their confidence levels, overcome self-sabotage, and build a better future"





A Woman On A Mission

"Women Have The Power To Transform The World"

A Woman's Wine That Inspires Dialog For Change

As founder of Fierce Femme Wines, Heather sees herself as a curator of wines with a mission to advocate sharing a varietal among women as it inspires dialog, communication, and engagement among colleagues and friends. 


"At every pivotal point in our lives be it celebration or concentration, a wine has a way of bringing comfort and inspiring communication and in turn will empower women's belief system that they are able to attain optimum success in their lives."

Heather Picken's